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Tinc Water Bottles

Why are Flip & Clip the best water bottles ever?

Be it for school, an outdoor adventure, or for your work desk at home, there are plenty or reasons why you need perfect, sturdy water bottles.

Our Flip & Clip Water Bottles are some of our bestselling products here at Tinc. But why are they so popular? Let's find out!

No Leaks!

Our water bottles are renowned for not leaking. It seems like a no brainer that you wouldn't want your bottle leaking, but you'll be surprised at how much of a common accident it is. But, with a clipping mechanism in the lid, your bottle will snap shut and be free from leaking. Then, when you're ready to drink, you can pop the lid with the push of a button!

Tinc Water Bottles

Dishwasher safe

The days of trying to reach the bottom of your water bottles with a scrubber are gone! Tinc's bottles are dishwasher safe, so you know they're the cleanest they can be! Place both the lid and the bottle separately on the top tray of your dishwasher and you're ready to go! They're also BPA free, so perfect for kids and mindful parents who want to keep their children safe from harsh chemicals.

Lots of colours to choose from

Tinc's tribes are the heart of who we are, and what better way to rep your fave than picking your favourite colour? Will you swim with the Tonkins? Climb a tree with the Huggas? Maybe invent something new with the Kronks? Whichever tribe you join, your colourful and characterful bottle will be with you wherever you go!

Tinc Water Bottles


For the biggest adventurers, Tinc's Flip and Clip water bottles are durable, sturdy and can withstand a rough school day, P.E. lesson or even a fun day at the playground! Plus, the handy carry handle means the kids can play knowing mum and dad are looking after their new water bottle!

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