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Our Story

Tinc is a UK, family-founded company that designs, makes and distributes extraordinary stationery, gadgets and gifts for kids of all ages.

Our stylish designs are available through Tinc’s own stores and website and are listed on Amazon across Europe. Since 2013, Tinc has also offered the full range to a wider wholesale market, with competitive pricing and great supporting collateral helping the brand to reach entirely new audiences. We work with partners of all sizes, from quirky one-off gift shops up to multi-national retail brands, and believe that regardless of size every partner should receive exactly the same great range, great pricing and great service.

In 2011, Jos & Heli Baker, a husband and wife team, found they were struggling to find cool stationery for their 4 children. With no UK retailers offering anything even resembling 'lifestyle stationery' at the time, the idea of Tinc was born.

The name derives from the three core values of Think, Inspire & Create; something that Tinc tries to achieve with every product and promotion we offer.

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Our products encourage kids and adults alike to think imaginatively be it at school or work.


Tinc aims to inspire with colourful and characterful stationery, from pencil cases to school essentials such as backpacks and lunch bags.


Above all, kids are creative, and Tinc wants to encourage and inspire creativity throughout childhood.