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Indoor Activities for Kids At Home

Indoor Activities for Kids At Home

Can't go outside? Fear not! Here are some fantastic indoor activities that gets the kids feeling creative, inspired and busy without too much preparation and very little mess!

1. Colouring & Drawing

As you may know, here are Tinc Towers we are mad about colouring, and we love creating beautiful and colourful creations using a mixture of pencils, pens, and even highlighters! Create a story with the kids and turn it into a comic book, or why not get each family member to draw a funny portrait of one another?

2. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Turning outdoor activities into indoor activities with a housebound treasure hunt! From sweetie bags to a brand new toy, the prize at the end could be the one thing your little ones have been asking for! Why not draw up a map to put a pirate spin on it?

3. Den or Fort Building

To your kids, your home can be anything they imagine. Turn your living room into a cosy den with cushions, blankets, and couches. Maybe bring in a laptop or tablet and watch a movie together? Or tell spooky stories with torches at night?

4. Talent Show

Do your kids love putting on a performance? Let them show their skills in a talent show! The best indoor activities come with lights, camera, action! Make it a fashion show and turn the living room into a catwalk, or even get a panel of judges for a hilarious singing contest.

5. Classic Party Games

It may not be someone's birthday, but parties were made for indoor activities. Start a big game of hide and seek around the house, or musical chairs in the living room.

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Indoor activities for kids at home - Tinc

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