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Sport Relief Fundraising Ideas

Sport Relief Fundraising Ideas

It's GAME ON across the UK this week as everyone gets on their sport's kit to raise money during Sport Relief. 

If your school or work place wants to raise money and help those in need, then look no further! We've complied a list of sporty activities to help you kick off and fund raise for Sport Relief!

Sponsored Run

The classic money-raiser that sees pros and amateurs alike get involved in fun runs, marathons and competitions all year round. Sport Relief is the perfect time to put on your best trainers and get out to raise money for those in need. Make your sponsored run even more fun by getting dressed up with your friends and family for a themed fun run!

Sport Relief sponsored run

Office Olympics

Get inspired by the office and create a hilarious obstacle course, from swivel chair races to a tea break speed test. Competitors pay a small fee to enter, and watch the whole workforce have fun in this team building, fun raising event for Sport relief!

Art Contest

Your Sport Relief fundraising idea doesn't have to be sporty! Art competitions are great for kids to get messy with paints, colouring pencils and pens, and you can even host an awards show at the end of it! Schools can even auction off the children's paintings and give the money raised to Sport Relief!

We played 'The Idea Machine' to get Tinc Towers' creative juices flowing and spark some inspiration!


Like a challenge? Fiercely competitive? Make up two teams and play a sponsored football, rugby, cricket or any sport game! Pay to enter, and use the afternoon to even get spectators involved!

How are you planning on raising money for Sport Relief?

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