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How To Throw The Best Party EVER!

Planning a unique, completely awesome birthday party? Running out of party ideas? Fear not! We're here to help!

It may seem like surprising the little ones gets more difficult as they get older, but Tinc's fool (and tears!) proof party ideas are money-saving, thoughtful and above all, FUN!

Themed party ideas

From the recent film obsession to a favourite cartoon character, party ideas that involve a theme will guarantee a big smile on your little ones' faces. Party place mats, balloons and even a birthday cake that's themed around your party idea looks great in photos and even more exciting when the invites are handed out!

Party Games

Would it be a party without the games? Classics such as pass the parcel, musical statues and pin the tail on the donkey are still a great way to get kids active and excited to receive a gift at the end of it. We've even found with our Tiny Tincs that bingo is a popular game too! Feeling creative? Why not make a board game! 

party ideas board game - tinc

Party food

Some may say the food is the best part of the party, and you can make it even more personal with party tea bags with cake and other tasty snacks for your attendees to take home. Making up snack bags means no lugging big boxes of food into the local town hall or ending up with it all back in your fridge!

The Ultimate Party Bag

It's time to head home, but it doesn't mean the fun is over. Party bags so your friends and family can remember what an awesome party you had can be filled with anything and everything! And they don't have to be expensive either. How about 6 things for £5 with as many party bags as you need for free?


party bag ideas - tinc


Party ideas - Tinc


Party ideas - Tinc


If you could throw the best party ever, how would you do it?

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