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Fun Things To Do In Half Term

Fun Things To Do In Half Term

February half term doesn't have to be glum and gloomy like the weather.

Get set for half term with some tinc-tastic activities that the kids will love, plus some great activities that get everyone active and away from the classroom! We've also got some freebies to keep everyone happy over the holidays.

Arts & Crafts

While it may be rainy outside (or even snowy!), that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Getting stuck into creative activities is the perfect way to let off steam when playing outside isn't an option. It also gets the brain working, even when you're not at school! Why not fold some origami decorations? Or create a funny 3D card to send to your friends?

Outdoor Adventures

During those small spots of sun throughout half term, take the kids out on exciting nature trails or bike rides to get them active! There are so many free walks, cycle paths and days out in the UK that you'll be spoilt for choice. Remember to stay hydrated while you're out with your little ones!

Half term - Water bottles

Your Local Library

Half terms are the perfect time to visit your local library! Libraries are known for their fantastic range of events and activities specifically during half term to get your tiny tincs reading, interacting, and telling stories. What's even better is that libraries are completely free to use!

Cooking & Baking

Cooking is a great skill to learn, and learning at a young age is even better! Teach the kids how to bake the most delicious chocolate cake, or even how to cook a fun dinner that they can serve at a birthday or slumber party! Cooking is the perfect time to have one on one time with your children where you're learning together and making something tasty at the end of it.

Create Your Own Board Game

Tired of the same old games in the cupboard? We've made a completely new board game that's easy to replicate and is great for learning while having fun!

 Half term board game


What You Need:

  • Any size paper (we recommend to use A3 or A2)
  • Pens, pencils, ruler
  • Scissors
  • Coloured paper or stickers
  • Glue
  • Counters (We've used Tinc Erasers)
  • Dice (or a dice app on your phone)

We have kept our game quite simple, it’s a little bit like Ludo or snakes and ladders, just roll the dice and work around the board from start to finish, following the arrows. If you are lucky you might land on number 3 and float up river with the Tonkin to number 15, or land on number 6 where you’ll meet a Mallo and get another turn. But careful , just when you think you are nearly at the finish line, you might land on number 19, where you’ll miss a turn, but at least you’ll get a hug from Hugo the Hugga!

half term board game

What will you add to your board game? Will there be ‘go back’ squares? Will there be 20 squares or 100? Will you get another go if you roll a six? You make the rules, but don’t over complicate them or they might get a bit tricky to follow!

We added a mixture of cut out shapes and characters with drawn shapes and squares, on our A2 sheet of bright yellow paper, will you mix it up or keep it to a simple grid?

Making games can be a great way of helping with learning numbers, problem solving and team work as well as being super fun. Sometimes the making is a much fun (or more) as playing the game itself!


Love being creative but hate the mess? Then we've got some freebies for you! Check out our creative colouring and activity sheets. Simply download and print so the kids can enjoy some Tinctastic fun!


Activity Sheet
Robot Colouring Sheet
Tonkin Colouring Sheet
Sunny Day Colouring Sheet


 Let us know some of your favourite things to do over half term!


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