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Information on Tinc and COVID-19
Info on Tinc and COVID-19

Pink Stationery Gift Set

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Produce perfectly polished work with Tinc's Perfectly Polished Highlighters, featured here with some great additional products to make for a superb gift! The highlighter pens (disguised like nail polish bottles) come in 4 colours so you can stay super organised in glorious multicolour.

Along with the highlighters this gift set includes a Mini Stationery set; 9 dinky, desky stationery items (6 items + 3 refills) in one teeny-tiny flip top box. Contains mini tape dispenser, mini scissors, mini stapler, mini staple remover, and mini sharpener with refills for the stapler and tape dispenser.

Completing the ensemble is a set of 4 Lovely Velvety writing pencils, AND a set of 4 scented animal erasers. So that's 21 individual Tinc stationery items in 4 packages within 1 awesome set. Tinctastic!