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Kronks live in the Wild West. They have geometric, well-structured bodies and neatly formed hands. Kronks are inventors; they are incredible at making weird and wonderful mechanical things out of day-to-day objects or scraps that they find. Kronks like to sit behind a cactus when they are trying to think up new inventions; they say it is cool and it helps them to focus. When a Kronk has a new idea, it will poke its head out from behind the cactus and shout, “Kronker!” – to which all the other Kronks reply, “Kronk”.

Kronks like their own company and are never happier than when they are using their neat little hands to create their inventions. If a Kronk has an idea that is too big for them to realise on their own, other Kronks will come together to help them. As long as they are happy with an invention, a Kronk will not care whether other Kronks like or dislike it. But, it is rare that a Kronk will not like someone’s invention, as they love everything to do with inventing.

Most Kronk inventions are useful, but they do not have to be.



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