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Huggas live high-up in giant bamboo trees. They are green and furry and have big hands. They are called Huggas because they like to hug stuff. A Hugga will hug trees, another Hugga and anything else that comes into the Hugga village. Huggas are friendly and easy-going.

They are tolerant of all things, and love the planet. If something goes wrong in a Hugga village, all the Huggas will come together to talk about it and will then have a massive hug, which generally puts everything right.

A Hugga’s main occupation is building Hugga Huts. These huts are built by four Huggas or more and are used as houses, play areas, resting spaces and central eating rooms. Huggas love sitting together around a fire-pit, telling stories and enjoying each other’s company. They are very sociable.



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